ETEC is still a work in progress. The following 2 documents are providing the need-to-know essentials:

Subject:   ETEC Concept Notes
File type: PDF
File size: 25 MB
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Subject:   Plant-Oil Cooker 
           Presentation 2011
File type: PDF
File size: <1 MB
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The Concept Notes are featuring vector graphics and document cross-links: Thus, test the link at the bottom of page 1 …” skip ahead to page 85, “… – whether it redirects to this page indeed!

Unfortunately, PDF-viewer like Acrobat Reader or Google’s “Drive PDF Viewer” or even Apple’s Preview are not state of the art.

All Chrome-browser derivatives, e.g. Edge are perfect for viewing and printing. Otherwise ReadEra is correctly rendering in Android OS as well as Sumatra in Windows OS – both for free!

In any case it is highly recommended to first download the file(s).